Composer Surnames

Over at NameBerry, there was a post a while ago about Vivaldi, which got me thinking, what other composer surnames could be used?

(Note: I’m not exactly sure if these are 100% usable, but most of them are similar to more “normal” names or have nicknames… If, like me,  you’re not that brave, these might make interesting middle names…)

ChopinFrederic Chopin. Maybe a unique way to get to Penny?
Clementi Muzio Clementi. A nickname for Clementine? Or maybe an alternative for someone desiring a name that’s truly distinctive?
GriegEdvard Grieg. Similar to Greg, and might work as a interesting nickname for Gregory or Gregor. On the other hand, Grieg is kind of close to the word grief…
Haydn (HY-den)– Franz Joseph Haydn. Similar to Hayden…
MozartWolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You could have the Mo or Art nicknames…
LisztFranz Liszt. Maybe a quirky nickname for Elizabeth (and variants)?
PachelbelJohann Pachelbel. Nickname Paco for boy, Bella/Belle for a girl?
ScarlattiDomenico Scarlatti. Similar to Scarlett…
SchubertFranz Schubert. Robert’s been popular for a while, and Bertram and Bertrand could make a comeback with “old” names being revived, so maybe this -bert name could work?
VivaldiAntonio Vivaldi. Similar to Vivian/Vivienne/Viviana…


So, I was looking over the 1000 most popular baby names for 1880 in the United States and found many… interesting… names:

For boys:
— Ora ranked 194
— Pearl ranked 196
— Green ranked 271
— Major ranked 324
— King ranked 331
— Mary ranked 332
— Judge ranked 346
— Minor ranked 378
— Wash ranked 379
— Pleasant ranked 439
— Christ ranked 467
— Fay ranked 471
— Squire ranked 478
— Wm ranked 503
— Anna ranked  529
— Colonel ranked 578
— Early ranked 580
— Fate ranked 582
— Doctor ranked 611
— Emma ranked 613
— Elizabeth ranked 649
— Lacy ranked 662
— Lum ranked 623
— Pinkney ranked 629
— Doc ranked 646
— Elizabeth ranked 649
— Rice ranked 678
— Stonewall ranked 679
— Carrie ranked 691
— Clara ranked 692
— Ida ranked 712
— Manley ranked 719
— Oral ranked 725
— Press ranked 728
— Shade ranked  737
— Jennie ranked 779
— Math ranked 786
— Pleas ranked 791
— Rose ranked 796
— Alpha ranked 813
— Annie ranked 817
— Author ranked 825
— Commodore     ranked 834
— Cora ranked 835
— Coy ranked 836
— Dora ranked 843
— Eliza ranked 849
— Elsie ranked 850
— Ethel ranked 853
— Friend ranked 855
— Grace ranked 858
— Hallie ranked 860
— Hattie ranked 863
— Hence ranked 864
— Hollie ranked 866
— Hope ranked 868
— Nellie ranked 881
— Noble ranked 882
— Augusta ranked 919
— Babe ranked 921
— Chin ranked 938
— Cleo ranked 939
— Daisy ranked 942
— Edith ranked 947
— Flora ranked 961
— Holly ranked 977
— Ivy ranked 987
— Jewel ranked 989
— Katherine ranked 994

(I may have overlooked some…)

Flower Names!

I love both flowers and flower names. 🙂 So, I thought that I’d post some names that are either flowers or have a floral meaning. Keep in mind, though, that some of these (like Chrysanthemum) might not be very usable, and might make better middle names…


So, any more to add? Favorites?

Remember yesterday’s post on Abby? Today’s will be similar, but it’ll include longer forms of Evie, instead.

Beverly (BEV-ər-lee) is an Old English name meaning “beaver stream”. She  hasn’t ranked in the Top 1000 since 1999 at #948, and her peak was in 1937 at #14. Now, she’s considered dated… You’ll find Beverly and Beverley on the map, too, in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Eva (E-vah, EE-və, E-fah, or AY-vah) is a variation of Eve (EEV), meaning “to breathe” or “to live”. According to the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and the Qur’an, Eve was the first woman, created from Adam’s rib. She was tempted by the Serpent to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and gave some to her husband. This caused their banishment from the Garden of Eden. Eva was #99 as of ’09, and she peaked at #31 in 1889. Interestingly, Eva peaked for boys in 1890 at #603! Eve was #582 last year, and was most popular in 1907 at #414. Eva also appears in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

We’re unsure of the complete meaning of Evadne (ee-VAD-nee), but part of it is “good”, which comes from the Greek ευ. Evadne appears three times in mythology. She was Poseidon’s daughter, and later the mother of Iamos by Apollo. Another Evadne was the wife of Capaneus. After a lightning bolt killed her husband, she committed suicide by throwing herself upon his burning body. The third Evadne was Strymon and Neaera’s nymph daughter, and later the wife of Argus. She has never ranked in the Top 1000.

Evangeline (ə-VAN-jə-leen) is a Greek name meaning “good news”. Last year, she ranked #429, but she was most popular in 1897 at #397. Evangeline Bellefontaine appears in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s  Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie.

Evelina (eh-va-leen-a)  and Evelyn (eh-va-lin) are both forms of Aveline,  a form of Avila (possibly meaning “desired”) or a French word meaning “filbert” or “hazelnut”. Evelina last charted in 1908 at #828, and was most popular in 1887 at #524. Evelyn, on the other hand, peaked at #10 in 1915 and currently stands at #39. For boys, the name was most popular at #777 in 1907. Frances Burney’s Evelina was published in 1778. Evelyn Waugh, a male author, was born Arthur.
Geneva (jə-NEE-və), Genevieve (JEN-ə-veev or zhe-nə-VYEV) , Genoveva (he-no-VE-vah, zhə-noo-VE-və) mean “tribe woman”. Geneva peaked at #109 in 1925, but last ranked in the Top 1000 in 1995 at #990. In 1916, Genevieve was most popular at #76. Last year, she was #287. Genoveva was only in the Top 1000 three times, and peaked in 1894 at #851. You’ll find Geneva on the map as a city in Switzerland. Genevieve, patron saint of Paris, persuaded the city to defend their selves against the Huns. Genoveva is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve.

Ginevra (jen-ev-ra) and Guinevere (GWIN-ə-vir) mean “white, fair” and “smooth”. Guinevere was King Arthur’s wife and Sir Lancelot’s mistress in Arthurian legend. Ginevra appears in Harry Potter as Ron Weasley’s sister, Ginny. She’s associated with ginepro, an Italian word meaning “juniper”. 

Do you like Abby, but feel uncomfortable with putting a nickname on the birth certificate? Don’t worry! There are tons of long forms:

Let’s start with Abigail… Being in the US Top 10 for almost ten years (she’s currently #8), it’s safe to say that Abigail (AB-i-gayl) is the most common way to get to Abby. The meaning, “my father is joy”, is pretty great. In the Old Testament, Abigail was Nabal’s wife, and then King David’s. However, the name was later used as a term for a lady’s maid, which might explain why she wasn’t as popular as other classics (think Elizabeth) until recent years. Famous bearers of the name include Abigail Adams (1744–1818) and Abigail Powers (1798–1853), who were both the First Lady of the United States at some point. More recently, there’s Abigail Breslin (1996-), an American child actress. Variants include Avigail.

Next stop, Abilene! Abilene (ab-i-LEE-nee), meaning “grass”, has never ranked in the US. Like Abigail, she has Biblical roots, but instead, Abilene was a place name. Now, she’s a city in Georgia, Kansas, Texas, and Virginia.

Annabel, Annabelle, Annabella, and Mabel are all variations of Amabel, meaning “loving”. Annabel, Annabelle, and Annabella can be seen as a smush of Anna and Belle (or Bella), though. Annabel and Annabelle are pronounced AN-ə-bel, Annabella is an-ə-BEL-ə, Mabel is MAY-bəl, and Amabel would be AM-ə-bel. As of ’09, Annabel ranked #722, Annabelle was #156, Annabella was #461, and Mabel and Amabel were not ranked. I think that all of these have potential to rise, with -bel/-belle/-bella  and vintage names coming back in style. You’ll find Annabel in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabel Lee”. How do you get Abby from these names? Look closer, and you’ll see annABel, annABelle, annABella, mABel, and amABel.

And now, Arabella! Arabella (AIR-ə-bell-ə), according to Behind the Name, could be a variant of the previously mentioned Annabel. She’s also associated with orabilis, meaning “invokable”. Namberry lists the definition as “beautiful altar”, though. Having jumped over 200 spaces, Arabella is definitely on the rise. Maybe as a substitute for Isabella? You’ll find Arabella in literature, too (Jude the Obscure and Arabella). There’s also Arabella, an opera by Richard Strauss. Bearers of the name include Arabella Mansfield (1846 – 1911), the female lawyer in the United States, and Arabella Churchill (1949 –2007), granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill and charity founder.

Elizabeth (i-LIZ-ə-bəth), Elisabetta, Isabeau (IZ-a-bo), Isabel (IZ-ə-bel or ee-sah-BEL), and Isabella (ee-zah-BEL-lah or iz-ə-BEL-ə) mean “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”. Elizabeth has almost always been in the Top 25, Elisabetta and Isabeau are not ranked, Isabel is #110, and Isabella is #1. You’ll find many saints, empresses, queens, princesses, artists, musicians, athletes, characters, etc. with the name Elizabeth (or one of Elizabeth’s variants).

Mirabel, Mirabelle, and Mirabella mean “wonderful”. None of the variants are in the US Top 1000, though Miranda (“admirable, wonderful”) is #181. I pronounce them MEER-ə-bel and MEER-ə-bel-ə. Mirabelle is associated with the mirabelle plum. Montréal-Mirabel International Airport is an airport in Canada, Mirabel is a city in Quebec, and Mirabell Palace is in Salzburg, Austria.

Last but not least, Tabitha (TAB-i-thə) means “gazelle” and appears in the New Testament. She now ranks at #647, after dropping 59 spaces. Her peak was #126 in 1978. Tabitha also appears in Bewitched and Tabitha, a spin-off.

51. Owen— Omar, Orion, Rowen
52. Connor— Conall, Conan
53. Zachary— Barnaby, Zachariah, Zacharias
54. Aaron— Ciaran, Ronan
55. Robert— Albert, Bertram, Bertrand, Robin, Rupert
56. Hunter— Archer
57. Thomas— Tavish, Tomas
58. Adrian— Adriano, Hadrian
59. Cameron— Campbell
60. Wyatt— Miles
61. Chase— Finn, Gray, Grey, Miles
62. Julian— Gideon, Julius
63. Austin— August, Augustin
64. Charles— Carlo, Louis
65. Jeremiah— Jedidiah, Zachariah
66. Jason— Jasper
67. Juan— Jorge
68. Xavier— Javier
69. Luis— Louis, Ludo
70. Sebastian— Bastien
71. Henry— Harrison, Harry, Hendrix, Henrik
72. Aidan— Eamon
73. Ian— Ivan, Ivo
74. Adam— Abraham
75. Diego— Giacomo, Hamish, Jacobus, Jacques, Jago, Seamus
76. Nathaniel— Bartholomew
77. Brody— Crosby
78. Jesus— Salvator
79. Carlos— Carlo, Cassius
80. Tristan— Tristram
81. Dominic— Dmitri, Domenico, Domingo, Domino
82. Cole— Nico
83. Alex— Alec
84. Cooper— Caspar
85. Ayden— Eamon
86. Carson— Carden, Cassian
87. Josiah— Josue
88. Levi— Kai, Leo, Leon, Levon, Malachi
89. Blake— Blaise, Kai
90. Eli— Elias, Elio, Ivo, Kai
91. Hayden— Haydn (HY-den), Holden
92. Bryan— Byron, Lionel, Orion
93. Colton— Holden
94. Brian— Byron, Lionel, Orion
95. Eric— Alaric
96. Parker— Archer
97. Sean— Seamus
98. Oliver— Oscar, Olivier (o-liv-ee-ay), Omar
99. Miguel— Malachi, Malachy, Micah, Milo
100. Kyle— Giles, Kai, Kaj, Lyle, Miles, Niles

Part III!

1. Jacob— Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Jacobus, Jacques, Jago, Seamus
2. Ethan— Eben, Egan, Eithan
3. Michael— Micah
4. Alexander— Alasdair, Alec, Alessandro, Alessio, Alexandre, Alexios, Alexis
5. William— Guillermo, Wilhelm, Willem
6. Joshua— Josiah, Josue
7. Daniel— Danilo, Dashiell, Donovan
8. Jayden— Jadon
9. Noah— Noé, Noel
10. Anthony— Antoine, Anton, Antonio
11. Christopher— Christophe
12. Aiden— Eamon
13. Matthew— Matteo, Matthias, Matthieu, Matthis
14. David— Donovan
15. Andrew— André, Andreas
16. Joseph— Josiah, Josue
17. Logan— Lachlan, Lorcan, Morgan
18. James— Diego, Giacomo, Hamish, Jacobus, Jacques, Jago, Seamus
19. Ryan— Byron, Orion, Rhys
20. Benjamin— Bennett, Benoit
21. Elijah— Elias, Elio
22. Gabriel— Gavriil
23. Christian— Cristiano
24. Nathan— Nathaniel
25. Jackson— Jacques
26. John— Ewan, Giovanni, Ivan, Johann, Johannes
27. Samuel— Samson, Simeon, Simon
28. Tyler— Miles
29. Dylan— Declan, Donovan
30. Jonathan— Johann, Johannes
31. Caleb— Callum
32. Nicholas— Nico, Nikolai
33. Gavin— Calvin, Gavriil
34. Mason— Macsen
35. Evan— Eben, Ewan, Ivan
36. Landon— Lachlan, Lorcan
37. Angel— Angelo
38. Brandon— Byron
39. Lucas— Luca, Lucan, Lucian, Lucius
40. Isaac— Ishmael
41. Isaiah— Isaias, Ishmael
42. Jack— Dax, Mac(k), Pax
43. Jose— Josiah, Josue
44. Kevin— Keefe, Kenneth
45. Jordan— Corbin
46. Justin— Justus
47. Brayden— Byron
48. Luke— Luca, Lucan, Lucian, Lucius
49. Liam— Leo, Wilhelm, Willem
50. Carter— Archer, Corbin

Again, feel free to suggest more; this list is a lot shorter (I am dreadful with boys’ names!). 🙂